• ForkLifts History & Brands


    The origins of the forklift are tied to late-1800s hoists and key innovations that Clark and Yale & Towne Manufacturing separately made in the early 1900s.
    A mainstay of construction sites, warehouses, shipping yards, factories, and countless small and large business operations, the forklift is regarded as essential equipment for its ability to lift, load, and move objects weighing as much as 35,000 pounds or more, depending on the model. Matching a forklift with such attachments and tools as clamps, fork extensions, augers, grapplers, hammers, and rotators can greatly extend a forklift’s abilities.
    The origins of the forklift is tied to late-1800s hoists and key innovations that Clark and Yale & Towne Manufacturing separately made in the early 1900s. Today, the forklift category includes mast (refers to the assembly a forklift’s front that enables lifting loads) and telescopic (essentially a boom used to lift loads) models. Additionally, forklifts can be categorized by such traits as being able to navigate rough terrains, providing a side-loading design, and the power source it uses – electric, diesel, LPG (liquid propane gas), CNG (compressed natural gas). Other features may include the use of proximity sensors, automated guidance abilities, battery-monitoring systems, multidirectional and narrow-aisle maneuverability, and remote controllable lift technology.
    Top forklift manufacturers and brands include Clark, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Jungheinrich, Nissan, Yale, Toyota, Hyster, Hoist, Linde, Case, SkyTrak, Skyjack, Manitou, Lull, Haulotte, Genie, Hyundai, and JCB.

  • Buffalo ForkLift

    buffalo fork lift

    Buffalo Forklift’s mission has been to exceed customer expectations by offering reconditioned and wholesale lift equipment for every need, and application! All equipment goes through a very strict inspection process so that it is ready to work right when it is delivered.
    Call us to find you the right equipment for your application. Even if we do not have something in stock, we are happy to locate equipment for customers!


  • Life of Boat Broker

      © Mike Whitt

    Tired of being chained to a desk and doing the same old stuff day in and day out?

    I had just returned to my hotel room having attended a charity black tie gala, attended by Prince Renier of Monaco, Michael Cousteau and James Cameron (the director of “Titanic” and now “Avatar”) in the Municipality of Monaco, a tiny sun drenched tax haven of the rich and famous, wedged between Cannes on the French Riviera and the Italian border.

    I was sitting on the balcony of my room, overlooking the huge yacht harbor, where Aristottle Onasis’s ex-yacht was moored, thinking that life doesn’t get much better than this, when the telephone rang. It was a client from “back home” in Florida, who several weeks earlier had seen a boat I had listed and had made an offer on the boat just prior to my leaving on a 2 week trip to Europe. Remembering that he was 6 hours “behind” me, I asked how I could assist him? He replied by saying that he wanted to increase his offer on the boat. The seller was in Texas, so several transatlantic calls later, we finally ironed out acceptable terms and price to everyone’s satisfaction.

    I am not sure that I could really improve on the ambiance of the evening, however the extra $50,000 in commissions earned that night certainly helped for a very memorable evening!

    If this sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, take comfort, it’s not. It’s a day in the life of an International Yacht Broker, an ordinary person, just like you, who happens to have found out the secret to being in the little known business of helping the wealthy, buy and sell their floating toys – Yacht Brokerage.

    This is a closed knit industry, where you don’t invest in inventory, have relatively low overheads and have the ability to earn very large commissions. An industry where UNTIL NOW, there is no formal program and the world can be your pearl lined oyster!

    Tired of being chained to a desk and doing the same old stuff day in and day out?

    Ever dreamed of having almost unlimited earnings potential, where one sale could change your life?

    Well now you can take that step to independence and freedom.

    If you have additional questions check out www.milehighbrokerworld.com
    The on-line course “Fundamentals & Essentials of Yacht Brokerage” is now being used by several Yacht brokerage firms to exclusively train new hires and is an invaluable tool that will help you get hired by a brokerage firms. YBI also provides a referral program after successful completion of the course. To Sign up now click on “Register & Pay” below or on the Home Page.

  • Elite Luxury Buyers


    Elite Luxury Buyers, LLC specializes in buying pre-owned luxury items. We provide our clients with a bonafide, hassle-free, and expeditious way to sell their luxury goods. Elite Luxury Buyers pays attractive prices for pre-owned luxury items and provides instant payment once items are received and verified. We purchases a wide variety of items, from high-end jewelry to exotic cars (for a complete list of what we purchase click here), and will only consider items whose value exceed five thousand dollars.

    We at Elite Luxury Buyers understands that selling expensive items online can create a high-level of trepidation. To put sellers at ease, we provide each client with one on one service throughout the selling process. Our goal is to provide prompt and superior service in order to make the selling experience an enjoyable one. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by understanding their individual goals and needs.

    At Elite Luxury Buyers we also understand that clients often want to sell their items quickly and without waiting weeks or months. This is another area in which Elite Luxury Buyers excels. Through our experts, we work quickly to establish value in order to provide clients with the highest possible cash offer.

    Elite Luxury Buyers is committed to exhibiting the core values of honesty, transparency, patience and loyalty, coupled with superior service and trust. We realize that word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied customers is our most effective form of marketing, and the best compliment we can receive. We place a high priority on the privacy of our clients and will never discuss or share personal information without proper consent.

    Our corporate office is located in Purchase, New York, just 30 minutes north of New York City by rail or car. Additionally Elite Luxury Buyers will purchase entire estates, thus providing sellers with instant liquidity and relieving them of the hassle of selling many items at once.

    Besides offering competitive prices, we are committed to exhibiting the core values of honesty, transparency, patience and loyalty, coupled with superior service and trust. In addition, all dealings with Elite Luxury Buyers are strictly confidential and we will never share client information with any third-party.

    Some of the Items We Buy:

    • Handbags & Luxury Accessories
    • Gold & Rare Coins
    • Fine Art
    • Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments
    • Fine Jewelry & Timepieces
    • Vintage Sports Collectibles
    • Fine & Rare Wine
    • Luxury & Exotic Automobiles
    • Important Furniture

    **Please note: We only purchase items with a minimum retail value of $5,000.

  • What is Branding?

    Your Business Identity…Defined

    Corporate branding is one of the most important components of your marketing success. How you position and define your company means everything in how your customers perceive you. Think of all the leading brands that are out there today, they have an eye-catching logo, a catchy tagline; but most importantly they exude a feeling. They build connections and create long-lasting relationships with there customers.

    Beyond the Logo

    There is more to corporate branding then making a logo, it involves defining and portraying an image through visual identity, print and digital collateral, messaging, tone, and overall the customer experience. Building and establishing your brand is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that your business is successful, because that is what distinguishes you from the competition and gets you connected with your customers.

     Are you ready to stand out against your competition and exude emotion and confidence to your customers? If so, let’s Talk!

    Office Location

     Brian Hutton
    38 Pinelake Dr Williamsville, NY 14221-8306
    Phone: (716) 983-2323
    Fax: (716) 625-1229
  • Jeff Allen Flat 12

    Jeff Allen

    Although, if you are still reading this, then you are probably interested to hear a little bit more about his history.  Jeff spent over a decade honing his skills on the retail side of the Automotive business becoming one of the youngest New Automotive Dealership General Managers.  He gained notoriety with his innovative marketing skills and his ability to start new dealerships and turn around “in-the-red” dealerships quickly, while spending his off time racing SCCA races and chasing collectible cars.

    Over the years of always buying, restoring and selling classic cars has led him to become a contributor for Kelley Blue Book, on the value of up-and-coming cars.  Jeff has been featured in multiple National Automotive Magazines as a Builder, How-To Expert, Test Driver and Classic Car Market Contributor.  He can be seen on the pages of Muscle Car Review, Vette Magazine, DIY Magazine, Hot Rod Deluxe and Car Kulture Deluxe.

    Jeff has specialized in celebrities car collections from the likes of Tim Allen, Charlie Sheen and Brett Ratner.  He has supplied numerous cars for the movie and television industry from Mission Impossible 3, JJ Abrams Star Trek , Crank, The Runaways, Desperate Housewives to Kimberly Cole’s music video “Smack You”.

    “Everyday I set out to find, recondition, repair and refurbish cars.  I’m kinda the stock broker of the car industry;

    I look to find the rare and unique, tweek them and repair them,

    and make them drivable and sellable any way necessary.” -Jeff Allen

    Flat 12 Gallery

    5709 40th Street, Lubbock, TX, United States


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