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Todd Taylor 1-800-599-8153

As founder of DiversifiedListingService.com , Todd has devoted his career to building and improving organizations through the application of business development, recruiting, networking and information technology. Todd brings over 25 plus years experience in Brokering, Finance,Strategic Alliances, and Investing experience to the team.

Prior to his work with DLS, Todd was Senior Partner of a top 10 mortgage banker and broker business in Western New York, which he sold to pursue other interests. Todd has held executive management positions with HSBC Financial and Novastar Financial. Todd holds a BS degree in Finance and has consulted for major corporations such as American Express, NCO Financial Group, Novastar Financial and Lendingtree.com

Todd is responsible for managing the day to day operations of DLS Co-op of Brokers, Human Resource oversight, Strategic Alliances and Business Development

Check out  http://www.diversifiedlistingservice.com & http://www.ToddTaylorrv.com

Todd Taylor CVO & Founder


We bring buyers and sellers together …. that may never have found each other.
We have developed an internet platform that is a diversified listing service for recreational vehicles RV and have grown the concept horizontally to boats, collector cars, air planes, heavy machinery ETC plus in markets nationwide and have grown that concept internationally. This virtual service is supported a network of Agents, Brokers, Partners and Dealers across USA and international that deliver the personal touch to buyers and sellers and resolve the needs of each no matter if in Buffalo NY , to Calgary Canada to Krakow Poland.
Todd Taylor



DLS brings buyers and sellers together…that may have never found each other.

We have developed an internet platform that is a multiple listing service for the recreational vehicle (RV) market. This virtual service is supported a network of DLS representatives across the U.S. who deliver “the personal touch” to buyers and sellers and resolve the needs of each.

Our current clients are buyers and sellers of RV’s (units) including motorhomes and towable units. Our inventory will expand as we grow to include boats, yachts, motorcycles, classic cars, etc.

Problems we solve for Sellers:
1.Listing with DLS is free. The seller does not pay a fee to list with us. NO OTHER LISTING SERVICE DOES THIS.
2.The seller still has the option to sell their unit on their own while it is listed with DLS. There is no contractual agreement between DLS that limits the actions of the seller.
3.The seller faces no risk of “bad money.” When a seller and buyer reach an agreement and buyer issues payment, DLS places payment in an escrow account while confirming legitimacy before the title is transferred to buyer.

Problems we solve for Buyers:
1. Buyers have opportunity to find “just the right unit” through DLS’s marketplace. DLS has access to units across the country and in Canada from private owners and dealerships.
2. Buyers receive unbiased professional counsel and guidance from DLS representatives. We do not promote a particular unit brand or dealership. We work strictly on behalf of buyers and sellers.
3. Buyers are guaranteed clean titles. No liens. No surprises.

Help with financing, insurance, warranty programs and transportation

Call Todd Today 800-599-8153 or 844-314-7760

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