Elite Luxury Buyers


Elite Luxury Buyers, LLC specializes in buying pre-owned luxury items. We provide our clients with a bonafide, hassle-free, and expeditious way to sell their luxury goods. Elite Luxury Buyers pays attractive prices for pre-owned luxury items and provides instant payment once items are received and verified. We purchases a wide variety of items, from high-end jewelry to exotic cars (for a complete list of what we purchase click here), and will only consider items whose value exceed five thousand dollars.

We at Elite Luxury Buyers understands that selling expensive items online can create a high-level of trepidation. To put sellers at ease, we provide each client with one on one service throughout the selling process. Our goal is to provide prompt and superior service in order to make the selling experience an enjoyable one. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by understanding their individual goals and needs.

At Elite Luxury Buyers we also understand that clients often want to sell their items quickly and without waiting weeks or months. This is another area in which Elite Luxury Buyers excels. Through our experts, we work quickly to establish value in order to provide clients with the highest possible cash offer.

Elite Luxury Buyers is committed to exhibiting the core values of honesty, transparency, patience and loyalty, coupled with superior service and trust. We realize that word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied customers is our most effective form of marketing, and the best compliment we can receive. We place a high priority on the privacy of our clients and will never discuss or share personal information without proper consent.

Our corporate office is located in Purchase, New York, just 30 minutes north of New York City by rail or car. Additionally Elite Luxury Buyers will purchase entire estates, thus providing sellers with instant liquidity and relieving them of the hassle of selling many items at once.

Besides offering competitive prices, we are committed to exhibiting the core values of honesty, transparency, patience and loyalty, coupled with superior service and trust. In addition, all dealings with Elite Luxury Buyers are strictly confidential and we will never share client information with any third-party.

Some of the Items We Buy:

  • Handbags & Luxury Accessories
  • Gold & Rare Coins
  • Fine Art
  • Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments
  • Fine Jewelry & Timepieces
  • Vintage Sports Collectibles
  • Fine & Rare Wine
  • Luxury & Exotic Automobiles
  • Important Furniture

**Please note: We only purchase items with a minimum retail value of $5,000.

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